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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Secure-DeFi?
    Secure-DeFi was created out of necessity to help protect cryptocurrency investors from fraudulent activity, particularly in the DeFi space. The founding team created the project after witnessing the mass scale of fraudulent activities within Decentralised Finance in order to protect people’s investments. As cryptocurrency is a deregulated industry, it is rife with scams and blatant fraud. The team aims to build a broad set of tools and solutions to ensure that users of the platform are as protected as possible without sacrificing the decentralised aspect of the space that appeals to so many.
  • What does Secure-DeFi aim to achieve
    By building out a wide range of solutions, Secure-DeFi will become an all-in-one platform that focusses on user accessibility, ease of use and security. By focusing on these needs of investors and offering a highly secure platform, it will cut down on the level of fraud experienced overall, whilst also providing support for victims after the fraudulent activity has taken place. All of Secure-DeFi’s solutions aim to ensure investor funds are as secure as possible and thereby providing peace of mind.
  • Is there a roadmap available?
    Yes, please have a look at our whitepaper.
  • When will the token launch?
    The token will be launched on the 13th of January.
  • Why on Ethereum and on the Binance Smart Chain?
    The reasons Secure-DeFi decided to launch on Ethereum as well as BSC is simple: 1) Crypto scams are prevalent on every blockchain. However, it is far more rampant on BSC than any of the others combined. With the rise of community coins and low barriers to entry for the average crypto investor, this has led to a dramatic increase in scams and fraud in the past year alone. Since Secure-DeFi is all about reducing the likelihood of users becoming victims of fraud, it makes sense to be heavily present on BSC initially. 2) Ethereum is the most secure blockchain, and as the name suggests SecureDeFi aims to offer its users as much security as possible. Therefore, launching on Ethereum is best fitting for Secure-DeFi regarding security. The only downside to launching on Ethereum are the relatively high transaction fees, which BSC counters with a lower barrier to entry. 3) Volume on Pancakeswap and Uniswap are higher than the majority of other DEX’s combined, meaning Secure-DeFi can offer the majority of users access to the SECDEF token across the DeFi space.
  • Will there be an IDO?
    Yes, an IDO is planned. More information will be released ahead of time.
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