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DeFinitely Secure.

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What is Secure-DeFi and what does it aim to achieve

Secure-DeFi was created out of necessity to help protect cryptocurrency investors from fraudulent activity, particularly in the DeFi space. The founding team created the project after witnessing the mass scale of fraudulent activities within Decentralised Finance in order to protect people’s investments.

As cryptocurrency is a deregulated industry, it is rife with scams and blatant fraud. The team aims to build a broad set of tools and solutions to ensure that users of the platform are as protected as possible without sacrificing the decentralised aspect of the space that appeals to so many.

By building out a wide range of solutions, Secure-DeFi will become an all-in-one platform that focuses on user accessibility, ease of use and security. By focusing on these needs of investors and offering highly secure solutions, it will cut down on the level of fraud experienced overall, whilst also providing support for victims after the fraudulent activity has taken place.

All of Secure-DeFi’s solutions aim to ensure investor funds are as secure as possible and thereby providing peace of mind.


A multi-chain wallet that allows users to access any blockchain in one wallet and to move assets across chains using Secure-DeFi pegged variants.

Audits & KYC

Audits and KYC services that provide projects and their investors with a new high standard in cryptocurrency auditing.

Research & Investigations

Secure-DeFi aims to solve the most prominent fraudulent activities in the crypto space. To achieve this, we will be partnering with well-renowned investigation agencies around the world.

Portfolio Management

An 'all-in-one' platform for crypto users that allows them to access an array of features to help them with investing, keeping track of investments and more.


Courses to educate investors and by doing so making them more knowledgeable and resilient in this high-risk space. 

Community Forum

Here users can socialize, share experiences within crypto and warn investors for (potential) fraudulent activities.

Our goal is to keep you safe by creating the ecosystem you deserve.

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Secure-DeFi aims to be the 'safe space' of DeFi, and wants the community to join us on our mission. To achieve this, an entire ecosystem will be created that will launch DeFi into a new safe and secure era. 


Because DeFi at its core is decentralised, all solutions will be built with these principles in mind. Secure-DeFi is leading the way to make DeFi more secure and accessible than ever before.

We are making the future, together. We are Secure-DeFi.




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Research & Development


Insurance & Investigations






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Our Partners


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Are you ready to securely invest in crypto?

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Let us help by providing you with the solutions for all your DeFi needs. 

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